6.1. Substantiv-Substantiv

herkömmliche Rechtschreibung (bis 1996) Regelung 06 Empfehlung SOK
Academy-award Academy-Award Academy-Award
Action-painting Actionpainting / Action-Painting Action-Painting
n/a Ad-Click Ad-Click
n/a Ad-Copy Ad-Copy
n/a Ad-View Ad-View
Airbag Airbag Airbag
Air-condition Aircondition / Air-Condition Air-Condition
Air-conditioner Airconditioner / Air-Conditioner Air-Conditioner
Air-conditioning Airconditioning / Air-Conditioning Air-Conditioning
n/a Anchorman Anchorman
Art-director Artdirector / Art-Direktor Artdirector
n/a Assessmentcenter / Assessment-Center Assessment-Center
n/a Audienceflow Audience-Flow
Autocar Autocar Autocar
Auto-Cross Autocross / Auto-Cross Autocross
n/a Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Arts
Background Background Background
Balance of power Balance of Power Balance of Power
n/a Bargecarrier / Barge-Carrier Barge-Carrier
n/a Basejumping / Base-Jumping Base-Jumping
Basementstore Basementstore / Basement-Store Basement-Store
Beat generation Beatgeneration / Beat-Generation Beatgeneration
Beauty-case Beautycase / Beauty-Case Beautycase
Beauty-Center Beautycenter / Beauty-Center Beautycenter
Beautyfarm Beautyfarm / Beauty-Farm Beautyfarm
Beefburger Beefburger Beefburger
Beefeater Beefeater Beefeater
Beefsteak Beefsteak Beefsteak
Beeftea Beeftea Beeftea
Big-apple-walk Bigapplewalk / Big-Apple-Walk Big-Apple-Walk
n/a Blowjob Blowjob
Boat people Boatpeople / Boat-People Boat-People
n/a Body-Art Body-Art
n/a Body-Bag Body-Bag
Bodybuilder Bodybuilder Bodybuilder
Bodybuilding Bodybuilding Bodybuilding
Bodycheck Bodycheck Bodycheck
Bodyguard Bodyguard Bodyguard
n/a Bodylotion Bodylotion
n/a Bodypainting Body-Painting
Bodystocking Bodystocking Bodystocking
Bodysuit Bodysuit Bodysuit
Boogie-Woogie Boogie-Woogie Boogie-Woogie
Bottle-Party Bottleparty / Bottle-Party Bottleparty
n/a Boygroup Boygroup
Boy-Scout Boyscout / Boy-Scout Boyscout
Brain-Drain Braindrain / Brain-Drain Braindrain
Brainstorming Brainstorming Brainstorming
Brain-Trust Braintrust / Brain-Trust Braintrust
Breakdance Breakdance Breakdance
n/a Break-even-Point Break-even-Point
n/a n/a Bubble Economy
Bubble-gum Bubblegum Bubblegum
n/a Bungeejumping / Bungee-Jumping Bungee-Jumping
n/a Businessclass / Business-Class Businessclass
Businessman Businessman Businessman
Callboy Callboy Callboy
n/a Callcenter / Call-Center Callcenter
Callgirl Callgirl Callgirl
n/a Candle-Light-Dinner Candlelight-Dinner
n/a Carjacking / Car-Jacking Carjacking
Carnegie Hall Carnegie Hall Carnegie Hall
Carport Carport Carport
n/a Carsharing / Car-Sharing Carsharing
n/a Carvingski / Carving-Ski Carvingski
Case-history Casehistory / Case-History Case-History
n/a Cashcow Cashcow
n/a n/a Cashdrain
Cash-flow Cashflow Cashflow
n/a Castingshow / Casting-Show Castingshow
n/a Catwalk Catwalk
n/a Centercourt / Center-Court Center-Court
n/a Centerpark Centerpark
Centre Court Centrecourt / Centre-Court Centre-Court
Chairman Chairman Chairman
n/a Chairperson Chairperson
n/a Champions League Champions League
n/a Champions Race Champions Race
n/a Chatgroup / Chat-Group Chatgroup
n/a Chatroom / Chat-Room Chatroom
Checklist Checklist Checklist
Checkpoint Checkpoint Checkpoint
n/a Cheerleader Cheerleader
Cheeseburger Cheeseburger Cheeseburger
Cherry Brandy Cherrybrandy / Cherry-Brandy Cherry-Brandy
Chewing-gum Chewinggum / Chewing-Gum Chewinggum
n/a Chief Executive Officer (Abk. CEO) Chief Executive Officer (Abk. CEO)
Chop-suey Chopsuey Chopsuey
Cockerspaniel Cockerspaniel Cockerspaniel
Cocktail Cocktail Cocktail
Coffee-Shop Coffeeshop / Coffee-Shop Coffeeshop
Combine-painting Combinepainting / Combine-Painting Combine-Painting
Concept-art Conceptart / Concept-Art Concept-Art
Copyright Copyright Copyright
n/a Copyshop Copyshop
Corn-flakes / Cornflakes Cornflakes Cornflakes
n/a Couchpotato / Couch-Potato Couch-Potato
Counterpart Counterpart Counterpart
Country-music Countrymusic Country-Music
n/a Coverband Coverband
Covercoat Covercoat Covercoat
Covergirl Covergirl Covergirl
Coverstory Coverstory Coverstory
n/a Coverversion Coverversion
n/a Crashkid Crashkid
Crashtest (zufällig getrennt) Crashtest Crashtest
Cross-Country Crosscountry / Cross-Country Cross-Country
Cross-rate Crossrate Crossrate
Crosstalk Crosstalk Crosstalk
n/a Crosstrainer / Cross-Trainer Cross-Trainer
Cruise-Missile Cruisemissile / Cruise-Missile Cruise-Missile
n/a Cyberspace Cyberspace
n/a Datamining / Data-Mining Data-Mining
Davis-Cup Daviscup / Davis-Cup Daviscup
n/a Daytrading / Day-Trading Day-Trading
n/a Desktop Desktop
Desktoppublishing Desktoppublishing / Desktop-Publishing Desktop-Publishing
Dining-room Diningroom Diningroom
Dinnerjacket Dinnerjacket / Dinner-Jacket Dinner-Jacket
n/a Discountbroker / Discount-Broker Discount-Broker
Discjockey / Diskjockey Discjockey / Diskjockey / Discjockei Diskjockey / Discjockey
Dixieland-Jazz Dixielandjazz / Dixieland-Jazz Dixieland-Jazz
n/a Dotcom Dotcom
n/a n/a Dotcom-…
n/a n/a Drag King
n/a Dragqueen Drag Queen
Drawing-room Drawingroom / Drawing-Room Drawingroom
n/a Dreamteam / Dream-Team Dream-Team
Dressman Dressman Dressman
Dufflecoat Dufflecoat Dufflecoat
Duty-free-Shop Duty-free-Shop Duty-free-Shop
Eat-art Eat-Art Eat-Art
n/a Economyclass / Economy-Class Economyclass
Egghead Egghead Egghead
n/a Emmy Award Emmy-Award
n/a Eyecatcher Eyecatcher
Eyeliner Eyeliner Eyeliner
n/a Facecredibility / Face-Credibility Face-Credibility
Facelifting Facelifting Facelifting
n/a Factoryoutlet / Factory-Outlet Factory-Outlet
Fairy chess Fairychess / Fairy-Chess Fairy-Chess
Faith and Order Faith and Order Faith and Order
Firewall Firewall Firewall
Fitnesscenter Fitnesscenter Fitnesscenter
n/a Fitnessstudio / Fitness-Studio Fitnessstudio
n/a Fitnesstrainer Fitnesstrainer
Fitnesstraining Fitnesstraining Fitnesstraining
n/a Flagshipstore / Flagship-Store Flagship-Store
Flip-chart Flipchart / Flip-Chart Flipchart
n/a Floatingline / Floating-Line Floating-Line
Fosbury-Flop Fosburyflop / Fosbury-Flop Fosburyflop
Full-time-Job Fulltimejob / Fulltime-Job / Full-Time-Job Fulltime-Job
n/a Fundraising / Fund-Raising Fund-Raising
n/a Gameport / Game-Port Game-Port
n/a Gameshow / Game-Show Game-Show
n/a Genderstudies Gender-Studies
Gin-Fizz Ginfizz / Gin-Fizz Ginfizz
Ginger-ale Gingerale / Ginger-Ale Gingerale
n/a Gluesniffing / Glue-Sniffing Glue-Sniffing
n/a Headcrash Headcrash
n/a Headhunter Headhunter
Headline Headline Headline
n/a Healthfood / Health-Food Health-Food
n/a Hedgefonds / Hedge-Fonds Hedge-Fund
Heliport Heliport Heliport
Heli-Skiing Heliskiing / Heli-Skiing Heliskiing
Hillbilly-music Hillbillymusic / Hillbilly-Music / Hillbillimusik Hillbillymusic
n/a Homebanking / Home-Banking Homebanking
Homebase Homebase / Home-Base Home-Base
n/a Homecare / Home-Care Home-Care
n/a Homecomputer / Home-Computer Home-Computer
Homedress Homedress / Home-Dress Home-Dress
Homefighter Homefighter / Home-Fighter Home-Fighter
Homeland Homeland Homeland
n/a Homelearning / Home-Learning Homelearning
Homeplate Homeplate / Home-Plate Home-Plate
n/a Homerun / Home-Run Home-Run
n/a Homeshopping / Home-Shopping Homeshopping
n/a Homestory / Home-Story Home-Story
House of Commons House of Commons House of Commons
House of Lords House of Lords House of Lords
n/a Houserunning / House-Running House-Running
Hudsonbai Hudsonbai / Hudson-Bai / Hudson Bay (engl.) Hudson Bay
n/a Hypeevent / Hype-Event Hype-Event
n/a n/a Image-Design
n/a n/a Inflight-Service
n/a Investor-Relations Investor-Relations
Jam Session Jamsession / Jam-Session Jamsession
Jazzband Jazzband Jazzband
Jazzfan Jazzfan Jazzfan
Jetset Jetset Jetset
n/a Jobcenter / Job-Center Jobcenter
n/a Jobfloater / Job-Floater Jobfloater
n/a Jobhopper / Job-Hopper Jobhopper
Job-hopping Jobhopping / Job-Hopping Jobhopping
n/a Jobkiller Jobkiller
Job-rotation Jobrotation Jobrotation
Job-sharing Jobsharing Jobsharing
Jumbo-Jet Jumbojet / Jumbo-Jet Jumbojet
Junk-art Junk-Art Junk-Art
n/a Junkbond / Junk-Bond Junk-Bond
Junk-food Junkfood / Junk-Food Junk-Food
n/a n/a Key Account
n/a n/a Key Feature
Laptop Laptop Laptop
Law and order Law and Order Law and Order
Lawn-Tennis Lawntennis / Lawn-Tennis Lawn-Tennis
n/a Letter of Intent Letter of Intent
Life-island Lifeisland / Life-Island Life-Island
Light-Show Lightshow Lightshow
Live-… Live-… Live-…
n/a Liveact / Live-Act Live-Act
Live-Show Liveshow / Live-Show Live-Show
n/a n/a Live-Stream
n/a Liveware Liveware
Living-wage Livingwage / Living-Wage Living-Wage
n/a Lookalikecontest / Lookalike-Contest Lookalike-Contest
Lord-Mayor Lord Mayor Lord Mayor
n/a Loveparade / Love-Parade Love Parade
Love-Story Lovestory Lovestory
Mailbox Mailbox Mailbox
Mail-order Mailorder Mailorder
Management-Buyout Management-Buyout / Management-Buy-out Management-Buy-out
Mass-reaction Massreaction Mass-Reaction
Mass-action Massaction Mass-Action
Master of Arts (Abk. M. A.) Master of Arts (Abk. M. A.) Master of Arts (Abk. M. A.)
n/a Master of Business Administration (Abk. MBA) Master of Business Administration (Abk. MBA)
n/a Master of Science (Abk. M. Sc.) Master of Science (Abk. M. Sc.)
Member of Parliament (Abk. M. P.) Member of Parliament (Abk. M. P.) Member of Parliament (Abk. M. P.)
n/a Memorystick Memorystick
n/a Method-Acting Method-Acting
Mickymaus Micky Maus / Mickymaus Micky Mouse
Midlife-crisis Midlifecrisis / Midlife-Crisis Midlife-Crisis
n/a Mindmapping / Mind-Mapping Mind-Mapping
n/a n/a Minimum-Lending-Rate
Motion-Picture Motionpicture / Motion-Picture Motion-Picture
Moto-Cross Motocross / Moto-Cross Motocross
Mountainbike Mountainbike / Mountain-Bike Mountain-Bike
n/a Mousepad / Mauspad Mousepad
Musicbox Musicbox / Musikbox Musicbox
Negro Spiritual Negrospiritual Negrospiritual
n/a Newsgroup Newsgroup
n/a Newsletter Newsletter
n/a Notebook Notebook
One-man-Show One-Man-Show One-Man-Show
n/a One-Night-Stand One-Night-Stand
On-line… Online… Online-…
n/a Onlinebroker Online-Broker
Op-art Op-Art Op-Art
Packagetour Packagetour Packagetour
n/a Pageimpression Page-Impression
n/a Pageview Page-View
Park-and-ride-… Park-and-ride-… Park-and-ride-…
Patchwork Patchwork Patchwork
n/a Patchwork… Patchwork-…
n/a Peanuts Peanuts
Peep-Show Peepshow Peepshow
Peer-group Peergroup Peergroup
Personality-Show Personalityshow / Personality-Show Personalityshow
Playboy Playboy Playboy
Player roll Playerroll / Player-Roll Player Roll
Playgirl Playgirl Playgirl
Playmate Playmate Playmate
n/a Point of no Return Point of no Return
Point of sale Point of Sale Point of Sale
Pole-position Poleposition / Pole-Position Pole-Position
Poolbillard Poolbillard Poolbillard
Pop-art Pop-Art Pop-Art
Popcorn Popcorn Popcorn
Porterhousesteak Porterhousesteak Porterhouse-Steak
Powerplay Powerplay Powerplay
Powerslide Powerslide Powerslide
Pressure-group Pressuregroup / Pressure-Group Pressure-Group
n/a n/a Price-Earnings-Ratio
Prisoner of war (Abk. POW) Prisoner of War (Abk. POW) Prisoner of War (Abk. POW)
n/a Productplacement / Product-Placement Product-Placement
n/a Profitcenter / Profit-Center Profitcenter
Punkrock Punkrock / Punk-Rock Punkrock
Quarterback Quarterback Quarterback
Quarterdeck Quarterdeck Quarterdeck
n/a Quarterpipe Quarterpipe
Rallye-Cross Rallyecross / Rallye-Cross Rallye-Cross
Release-Center Releasecenter / Release-Center Releasecenter
n/a n/a Return on Equity
n/a Return on Investment Return on Investment
Riverboatshuffle Riverboatshuffle / Riverboat-Shuffle Riverboat-Shuffle
n/a Ropeskipping / Rope-Skipping Rope-Skipping
Rush-hour Rushhour Rushhour
n/a n/a Ryder-Cup
Sales-manager Salesmanager Salesmanager
Sales-promoter Salespromoter Salespromoter
Sales-promotion Salespromotion Salespromotion
Science-fiction Sciencefiction / Science-Fiction Science-Fiction
n/a Screensaver Screensaver
n/a Screenshot Screenshot
n/a Securitycheck / Security-Check Security-Check
Sex-Appeal Sexappeal / Sex-Appeal Sex-Appeal
n/a Shareholder Shareholder
n/a Shareholdervalue / Shareholder-Value Shareholder-Value
n/a Shareware Shareware
Showbusiness Showbusiness Showbusiness
Showman Showman Showman
Showmaster Showmaster Showmaster
Shuffleboard Shuffleboard Shuffleboard
Sideboard Sideboard Sideboard
Sightseeing Sightseeing Sightseeing
Sightseeing-Tour Sightseeingtour / Sightseeing-Tour Sightseeing-Tour
Skinhead Skinhead Skinhead
Slingpumps Slingpumps Slingpumps
n/a Snobappeal / Snob-Appeal Snob-Appeal
Snowboard Snowboard Snowboard
n/a Softwareengineering / Software-Engineering Software-Engineering
Soil erosion Soilerosion Soil Erosion
n/a Speedskating Speedskating
Speedway Speedway Speedway
Square dance Squaredance Squaredance
n/a n/a Stakeholder-Value
n/a n/a Starfighter
n/a State of the Art State of the Art
Stock-Car Stockcar Stockcar
n/a Stockoption / Stock-Option Stock-Option
n/a n/a Street Parade
n/a Strippoker / Strip-Poker Strip-Poker
Striptease Striptease Striptease
n/a Stroke-Unit Stroke-Unit
n/a Sunblocker Sunblocker
n/a Sundowner Sundowner
Swimmingpool / Swimming-pool Swimmingpool Swimmingpool
n/a Tabledance / Table-Dance Tabledance
Talk-Show Talkshow Talkshow
n/a Taskforce / Task-Force Task-Force
n/a Taxfreeshop / Tax-free-Shop Tax-free-Shop
T-bone-Steak T-Bone-Steak T-Bone-Steak
Tea-room Tearoom Tea-Room
n/a Terms of Trade Terms of Trade
Thanksgiving Day Thanksgiving Day Thanksgiving Day
n/a Thinktank / Think-Tank Think-Tank
n/a n/a Thumbail
Tick-fever Tickfever / Tick-Fever Tick-Fever
Tie-Break Tiebreak / Tie-Break Tie-Break
n/a Timesampling / Time-Sampling Time-Sampling
Time-sharing Timesharing Timesharing
n/a Tissueengineering / Tissue-Engineering Tissue-Engineering
Toe-loop Toeloop / Toe-Loop Toeloop
Trade-Union Tradeunion / Trade-Union Trade-Union
n/a Training on the Job Training on the Job
Travellerscheck Travellerscheck Traveler’s Check
n/a Troubleshooter Troubleshooter
n/a Venturecapital / Venture-Capital Venture-Capital
Walkie-talkie Walkie-Talkie Walkie-Talkie
Wallstreet / Wall Street Wallstreet / Wall Street Wall Street
n/a n/a Wall-Street-…
n/a Webbrowser Webbrowser
n/a Webcam Webcam
n/a Webdesign Webdesign
n/a Weblink Weblink
n/a Weblog Weblog
n/a Webmaster Webmaster
n/a Webserver Webserver
n/a Website Website
n/a Webspace Webspace
Weekend Weekend Weekend
n/a n/a West Bank (Westjordanien)
n/a Windowdressing Window-Dressing
n/a Windowshopping Window-Shopping
n/a n/a Workload
Workshop Workshop Workshop
Work-Song Worksong Worksong
n/a Workstation Workstation
Yankee-doodle Yankee Doodle Yankee Doodle
n/a Zerotolerance Zerotolerance